About Us


The JIMS alumni network has members from all the programs of JIMS Sector 5, Rohini. 

Alumni of any institute forms an integral part, they take with them a legacy and a sense of belongingness that stays for a lifetime. 

With more and more members joining the group every year, the alumni network with about 5000 members currently is growing in leaps and bounds. JIMS values this community and its relationship with them. To strengthen the existing threads and weave many a new, there exists the Alumni Relations Committee or more popularly JIMS ELITE which has solely devoted itself to this cause. 

JIMS Alumni Relations Committee organizes Alumni meets, providing alumni with an opportunity to catch up with friends, relive and recreate memories. The underlying essence is to keep the spirit alive and acknowledge the enormity of their contribution in maintaining the respect commands in academic and corporate spheres.

For any institute, the Alumni can contribute to the development of the student community immensely, but to effectively leverage this resource they all need a catalyst; JIMS ELITE perseveres to play this role.

Bond with your batch-mates. Meet your fellow chapter-members. Stay connected with your alma mater.